1. ichi-go

    Nismo Coppermix Clutch

    Hey guys, I've just got my nismo single plate coppermix clutch put in last month together with nismo big operating cylinder and nismo braided clutch line Normal driving is ok however on high revs, it's harder to get into gear Mechanic reckons the nismo big operating cylinder causes...
  2. sniffy

    Nismo Coppermix clutch

    Hi All, i have fitted a nismo coppermix single plate clutch and im getting so serious vibrations at low revs between 2-3k rpm. my question is is this normal for this clutch or do i have a problem ?
  3. S

    Nicely,, did u get my pm? i got something to ask u

    i am driving a s15 with s14 GB thinking of switching my ORC409 to either NISMO super Coppermix or Cusco super coppermix.. can tell me how does it feel? nice to drive? hows the holding power? any NVH? <--- especially this. (noises when deccel at 3k rpm to 2k. becoz the nismo site stated at...
  4. S

    Clutches Need Help

    Hi guys, been using ORC409D clutch..Feeling is good but it have been having some problems (rattle when deccelerating bet 2-2.5k rpm, sometime the car surge forward when moving off, when reversing there is a jerky feeling) with it.. decided to switch clutch, i need some opinion and help from u...
  5. EvilChap

    Nismo Coppermix Clutch & Flywheel

    Hello chaps... Who else has the nismo coppermix clutch and flywheel? I have moved the gearbox and clutch from nicely's car into my old 14a, where it is a lot quieter, but there is still a kind of rattle at a few different points in the rev range. Anybody have a fix for it, or the same issue...
  6. Yakozan

    Nismo Coppermix vs Nismo Sport-clutch kit

    Any recommendations? My clutch has started to slip in 5th gear. Looked at the perfectrun website and spotted these two which would suite my S15. Seems to take similar spec. Coppermix (380ps) is a little more expensive. Coppermix spring pressure is 7846 (800) N (Kgf) Sports clutch kit spring...