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    New here

    My name is Chris, I'm a Datsun 510 owner. I have a RHD coupe with a S14 SR20DE And I'm currently swapping a S15 SR20DET with 6 speed into a 510 wagon. Here are a few pictures of my coupe
  2. J

    Detailing Jem - Before and After photos - Mercedes C-Class Coupe in Black

    Detailing Jem - Before and After photos - Mercedes E-Class Coupe in Black Today I've been to detail this three year old Mercedes E-Class Coupe. I'll let the pictures to the talking :D BEFORE After the car was washed and clayed you could see the swirls And the...
  3. R-Spec

    More developments on Nissan's compact, RWD coupe

    "According to company insiders with whom we've spoken, Nissan has been working on its own compact, rear-wheel-drive vehicle for over three years, and the announcement from Toyota and Subaru about their own RWD coupe has caused Nissan to ramp-up development. Details on the new vehicle are still...