1. N

    How much is my Nismo suspension worth?

    As title Nismo S-Tune suspension Currently on my S15. No idea how many miles the suspension has covered but it looks in decent condition Looking to sell them to fund my coilovers
  2. S

    blue smoke

    Hi sorry if its been covered , but I need some thoughts I have a 01 spec r blows blue smoke on start up once its warm and sorta clears when driving till I decell and then take off boom smokes again when on highway it seems clear , it did it with old turbo so I replaced that a week ago still...
  3. Fruitbooter

    Selling you car abroad?

    Has anyone had any experience with this? Someone from Germany is interested in my car and I just want to make sure I do everything correct if its a genuine sale. What do you do about the tax? My tax runs out end of April so I will probably end up taxing it for nothing as it will be leaving...
  4. Havoc

    FS: S15 Front wings, pearl white (USED!)

    Right have a pair of wings lying around but I'm in no rush of selling them because can always keep then as Spares! Anyway they are not in amazing condition, they have been rolled and one has a slight dent and some paint loss (covered by pink plaster) however they still fit perfect and are ideal...
  5. J

    Detailing Jem - Fantastic condition 1992 Astra

    I was recently asked to detail this 1992 Vauxhaul Astra. The car has had only one owner from new and has only covered 34,000 miles. the paintwork was covered in 20 years of swirls and scratches, but amazingly nothing that was too deep to be fully removed. So other than a few stone chips on...
  6. F

    FS: S15 SR20DET, S15 Spec-R ECU, S14a Gearbox, T28, Braided Lines, Japspeed Manifold

    S15 SR20DET, S15 Spec-R ECU, S14a Gearbox, Braided Lines, Japspeed Manifold Breaking Project - All prices are excluding postage. Open to sensible offers on the items listed. Based in the North West near Manchester/Warrington, ideally items to be collected but can post. S15 SR20DET, only...
  7. S

    only pic i have so far :)

    picked her up this morning after i had finished a night shift so only grabbed one pic before i went to bed! really enjoyed the drive home, suprisingly nice on the cusco coilovers...there much softer than the gaz on my evo. can't wait to go to work tonight so i can drive it again :D excuse the...
  8. P

    WTB: Spec R engine wanted.. Stock or proformance

    Complete engine wanted for my spec R. As mine has an Oli leak and done 100000 miles. So preferability an engine that has been reconditioned or not covered alot of mileage
  9. F

    good jap-blogs or sites to follow?

    couldn't find any info here, so i'll just ask - i want to read some more, get some info, pictures etc. on japanese cars/tuning in general. I'd normally subscribe to something like modified.mag or similar, but i'm broke 'n stuff :rolleyes: was hoping someone here knows a good blog or similar...
  10. DeanS15

    forum a bit....glitchy???

    i dont know if anyone else has this but most of the threads i look at now the forum is updated have pics/posts overlapping each other - pics and text are covered over making me unable to view some of it - does anyone else have this???
  11. S

    Bonnet with vents...........

    How do you prevent water/rain from getting in? I think Evo has very nice design since they are factory.. but don't know how they work exactly... Anyone has any idea or done something already? Seriously need to know. Rain is pouring... no covered car park..
  12. A

    FS: CUSCO TYPE MZ 1 Way/2 Ways LSD

    CUSCO TYPE MZ LSD for S15 - ?350.00 including P&P. Used, excellent as new condition with box covered approx 5k miles. Thanks Andrew
  13. D

    Various parts

    There is a lad selling parts for s15. mostly interior bits. some of ye may be interested. he had them covered in some kind of carbon fibre look.