1. L

    WTB: Front brake caliper cross spring.

    Hello. Does anybody on here have any spare front brake caliper cross springs lying about that I can purchase please, If not where can I get one from without paying silly prices for one, Cheers.
  2. cviesins

    Couple of RB Swap Questions?

    Hey guys, Just trying to clarify a couple of questions regarding a RB26 swap into a Spec R, as I have searched forum to forum with no definitive answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. From what I understand, a R33 Cross member will drop right in, and the steering rack will bolt up...
  3. A

    White S15 - Wexham Park hospital Slough

    You turned right past the hospital towards Gerrards Cross, I was two behind you, don't think you clocked me?
  4. S15AK

    Do Luck rear cross bar help?

    Hi guys Ok so I've bought a Do Luck rear cross bar 2nd hand and we can't seem to get it to fit properly. Anyone on here fitted one to their s15? Edit... It's ok sorted it. Might has well close the thread if any of the admins want to.
  5. C

    Red, white Buddy club P1's, Wolverhampton

    On the BP by new cross. Never seen one out on the road before, looked good :)
  6. S

    Build Date?

    Where can I check to see when my Aussie delivered S15 was built? This plate was put on when it arrived in Australia (Customs?) There is another plate on the cross member in front of the radiator but there are no build date details there either?
  7. S

    Need advise with Nismo Reinforced Cross 6-Speed Transmission

    Hi Guys, I have recently upgraded the power in my car and the gearbox is failing me. I was looking into upgrading the gearbox and the only simple straightforward option I could see is the Nismo Reinforced Cross 6-Speed Transmission. I want to know if there are any members here who have...
  8. S

    Cross weight balancing

    I'm thinking of bringing my ride for cross weight balancing soon, any of you guys have done that? If so, how is the improvement in dynamic stability? I resisted till not cause it will make the all the gaps between the wheel arch and wheel different........
  9. K

    Cross threaded studs

    Was putting on the wheel spacers 2day and i cross threaded 2 of the studs badly are the s15 studs the same as any Nissan car? Gonna repalce the studs instead of trying the fix the threads :mad: