1. J

    Detailing Jem showing a bodyshop how it should be done!

    I detailed this Alfa last year and the customer was very happy until three days afterwards when they reversed into a fence, damaging the off side rear corner of the bumper and the off side rear arch. The car went to a bodyshop, who had been recommended to my customer by a friend. Sadly while...
  2. Nicely


    Apologies to all for the day of darkness. Entirely due to our web host fooking up a domain renewal and erroneously suspending the hosting. And then taking an entire day to respond to the critical ticket I'd raised! FOOKERS! I've been a customer with them over ten years, but I now find myself...
  3. kimi

    coordsport customer drift car

    Thought i'd share the pictures of one of our customer cars strawberry face silvia 14.5 :D Its been built by Urban Racing for the french drifting and also to use on show stands :cool:
  4. T

    New to forum, not to S15

    Hey all, My name is Josh and I work for Black Ops Performance Inc., In Florida USA. http://www.blackopsperformance-dot-com We Import and legalize all JDM cars into the states. (Not all states of course.) I also modify the cars to customers specifications, like If a customer wants 700Hp, Or a...