1. N80Jamie

    WTB: Wider Front Fenders

    I'm after some 20mm wider front fenders to tuck these dam wheels in! What have you got?
  2. driftmonkey

    FS: 6 point roll cage

    removed from my car as seen in pic.... either cussco or safety 21 either way its dam good quality 550 ono collection only from southampton.
  3. mint

    Traction Control then!?..

    y0. Did a wee search didnt pop up with anything. But yeh, does the S15 have Traction Control? My mate has a Charged Lexus, and without TC it would be a dam handful to say the least, so with 250horses out the back wheels its got me a tad worried lol. Cheers Folks -Mint :smitten:^^