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    Pictures: Nissan Stagea

    Here is some pictures of a Nissan Stagea that I took. //Daniel
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    Hi! A little question. Where do I find vaccum when the throttle is off??? I need it for my Blitz SBC i-Color. //Daniel
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    Better handling?

    Hallo again! I´m wondering about getting some coilovers to my S15. But I don´t know witch brand I should get. The only demand I have on them that you can adjust the camber. What do you guys recommend? //Daniel
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    What is EAI? //Daniel
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    Hallo! Does the Walbro gss341 fit the S15? Or should I say does it matter if it´s on a S13 or a S15? the reason that I ask is that a guy in my hometown is selling just that fuelpump. The tricky part is that he has a S13. //Daniel
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    a little question

    Hi! yesterday i had an accident. I had my car on charging and I forgot about it. Soo when I tried to start it the cabel from the charger to the battery whent around this. Is there something I should be vorried about or what? //Daniel
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    Change side indicators?

    Hi everyone! I have a question. How do you change the side indicators? What do you need too remove and soo on? //Daniel
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    Hallo! I check true the FAST program and finded that there´s Stripes for the Silvia. Is there anyone that has those on your car? Just want to see how it looks. //Daniel
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    Aftermarket parts?

    Hallo! A quick and small question. Does anyone know any company in Europe that has a homepage and parts for S15? //Daniel
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    WTB: Chubby hole

    Hello! Does anyone have the Chubby hole for S14 or S15 lying around? //Daniel
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    Hallo! I have been serching the forum for something you call FAST. What is it and where can I find it? //Daniel
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    Order from PerfectRun

    Hallo Everyone! I?m thinking of ordering some wheelnuts from PerfectRun. It says that it?s 16 of them. And 4locks. That means it?s 20. Right? How long does it take to have them in Sweden? Many thanks! //Daniel