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    lower balljoints

    hows it going can somebosy provide me with part numbers for the two lower ball joints on the front of the s15? also does anybody kno if s14 ones are they same? cheers dave
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    whining power steering

    hey peeps ive noticed the steering has gone a bit whinney, when im parking or if im after doing rings or that kind of hard work, do ye thing its the power steering pump? if so is it an easy to do thanks dave
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    help please, part number ASAP

    hey lads i need to be bailed out again, can ye get me the part number for the pinion bearing for the diff please thanks much appreciated dave
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    attn FAST users

    i need your help hehe i need the part number for the diff seal for the right side drive shaft, the shaft tha comes out of the diff casing, my seal has vanished thanks dave
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    wots a crackin lacking

    how ya my name is dave i am from wales but i live in ireland in kildare now
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    FMIC..greddy ls spec v.s blitz lm

    right lads and lassies these are the two i hav in mind, does anybody on here hav one and how do they find it?? was there much modification needed in fittin etc, all help appreciated dave
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    new member from the wesht :D

    hows thongs evrybody the names dave and im from galway in ireland, i hav been surfing the site for the past few days and i think its very good, at least its not full of stupid posts like busier forums, i drive a civic coupe at the min but im set on having an s15r now:D im a typical honda...
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    S15 Prices and Spec

    Hi there, Quick question if I may. Can someone tell me what the differences are between S15 specs and the prices associated with each? Many thanks. Dave.