1. C

    Any owners near Coventry? Looking to view S15 and experience before buying.

    Hello all, After some hard work - I'm now in a position to buy a s15 spec R! But I've only seen photos of them and never seen/sat in one in reality. I was wondering if anybody in or near Coventry could help me decide if this is the car for me? It will be really helpful if I get to see and...
  2. Topper

    Which wheels, in 17s or 18s -You decide (Big brother Stylee)

    Ok, as some of you know, my wheels are a 9j with +17 offset and stick out past my arches, so much so that on my way to the D1 last weekend i got in trouble with the Police and was given 7days to change them, so at the moment i am running S14 stock wheels untill i get new wheels. I really want...