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    Jay's 02 Spec R

    Here are some quick ones This is how it looked earlier with mild additions (i.e intake, exhaust etc.) Then i tried these on.. TC005 didnt give me the look i was goin There u have it..LMGT4. :) Now, i would like to see what happens if i deck it a bit more:wack:
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    130r's R

    Hi, The car came stock but having bought it from the Trust distributor here, i got some goodies to tag along FOC. 02 SpecR Yellow. - Trust Power Extreme II full exhaust - Trust E-mange Kit - Trust radiator cap, oil filler cap and air diversion plate. - JIC coilover - Duckbill rear deck wing...
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    What do you have in your centre console?

    I'm wondering what we can fit in the centre console (specifically, after a head deck installation), anyone care to post pics of S15 centre consoles?