deep dish

  1. Lanyard

    My Daily Beater - Slammed and Wide

    More updates! 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec-R GT Exterior: Pewter Grey Metallic Vertex Ridge: Front bumper with Canards (Removable) 25mm Wide Front Wings (Single Vent) Side skirts Rear bumper Boot spoiler Roof spoiler DMAX Tail lights OEM - HID headlamps in silver (Rare optional extra) WEDS...
  2. Nissan_S15

    Looking for Black Deep Dish Alloys!

    Hey guys, Interested in getting some black deep dish alloys for my S15 to make the ride look a bit more agressive. I have had a fair look around and have found the odd set that takes my fancy, but nothing amazing. So just wondered whether you guys knew of any decent sets I could purchase...
  3. T

    FS: Garson Ryugi 18" | 10.5j et+28 | Deep dish, Black faces

    I have for sale a pair of very rare, fantastic condition Garson Deep Ryugi wheels. These deep dish wheels would look fantastic at the rear of an S15. :smitten::smitten: (Garsons are on the right) Specs Garson Deep Ryugi 2 x 18" 10.5j et+28 Includes Garson Deep center caps. Falken 452...