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    Charcoal Canister - Install Pictures

    Hey Guys, Have any of you got some detailed pics of where charcoal canister lines run to? Mine was removed, many many years back so want to be 100% sure as I need to reinstall it (clearing a defect!) I remember there was a guide on here years ago with good pictures, but cant seem to find it...
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    Aus owners check in!

    was lookin to purchase these dark tinted led lights for the s15 but i heard in AUS they defect you for the real dark ones? links below
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    Defect proof s15?

    I have owned my s15 for 6 years now. I have been defected twice in that period for the same things by the same cop. My standard bolt on of ARC intercooler, tomei injectors, tomei fuel pump, power FC, AVCR, Apexi super suction kit with airflow meter are all defective items. I wont pass engineers...
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    Wrinkling in the bodywork?

    Hi all, I'm from Singapore and I drive a NZ-spec S15. This is a terrific forum :thumbs: Just wondering if anyone here has the same wrinkling defect in the radiator support panel.. I'll putty and spray over soon, but am curious just the same..