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    FS: S15 Carbon Cooling Panels

    S15OC Cooling Panels FITMENT PICTURES AND SIZE DETAILS HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi guys, After the recent bomb-burst of posts spread across the forum regarding this, I think there...
  2. A

    WTB: Garage Defend (or copy) cooling panel to use as a template

    All, I am trying to source a Garage defend CF cooling panel, or a replica to use as a template to try and get a GB in place.. A load of us have been waiting a while to see if we could source one from somewhere, and thus this request. See here...
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    WTB: carbon cooling panel

    looking for a cooling panel something like the garage defend one but not the same price tag
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    garage defend -cooling panels

    hi guys. i have an arc titanium cooling panel (soon to be for sale) perfect fit, neat piece of kit, but now not much use with an aftermarket bumper. the problems are that areas where it would have attached to are now gone and retro fitting is not an option. basically my new bumper dips in the...
  5. Nicely

    Tempted by a Defend copy cooling panel?

    Don't be. If they are anything like the one I just got, they're crap. Don't line up with the bumper poppers, stick up at one side, the bonnet stay won't clip in and the bonnet won't shut. Needless to say, its going back. This isn't one of Apex Performance ones, but be warned. The Garage Defend...