1. N80Jamie

    Fmic fitment help

    I know a number of people have had problems with fitting the Japspeed style intercooler kits and now I'm one of them! Having problems with the cold pipe (pictured below); the thicker breather pipe is pointing directly downwards onto the fan cover. I've been told by a friend that the best job is...
  2. raytsang

    s15 cams

    just woundering if anyone knows the cam profile of the standard cams i.e. degree and duration.
  3. S

    Who has/is used/using Endless brake pad?

    I just got a set of Endless CC-R. Well I was going to get CC-X but had some better deal however only for front though. I was just wondering if anyone has experience on it. The pack said 0-800 degree but a catalog says 150-800 degree. I hope the pack says right one. I hope it works when I...