1. B

    interior lighting

    Hey guys quick question regarding dash lighting. I dont have any lighting around the rear demister button and in the climate control unit there is nothing lighting the "auto" and "off" or the temp knob. Is all of this meant to light up? i assume the "auto" and "off" and knob are but is the rear...
  2. 2fst4u

    Odd rear demister problem after removing door chime

    Hey guys, hoping someone can help me on this one, I stopped the annoying door chime using the 'unplugging-at-the-ignition-barrel' method, and now every time I turn my car on "ON, not ACC and not just after starting", the rear demister turns on after about 30 seconds. I won't be able to plug...
  3. S

    Demister not working properly

    So we removed the a/c unit out of the car and now the front demister dont seem to be working right, there is heat but it just doesnt seem to be going anywhere. Is it blocked or something, or did removing the air condition unit do something?