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    Boost problem

    My car seems to be boosting way to high. On blitz sbc i presume peak value means the highest it peaks to right? What have people set there too. Would the fmic cause it to boost high. i tought it should lower it. Any help. Derek Ps when i have more time i'll put up pics of the plumbing to...
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    Blitz electrinics

    Alrite lads, I am after blitz temperature sensors and blitz A/f meter sensor to suit my sbc i colour. Reccomend anywhere to buy? Nengun don't have them. Perfectrun has. I just haven't emailed them yet. Any help? Derek
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    Wring a radio

    Can you get a iso block connector for back of radio? I've tried a few no joy. or will i have to just hard wire it? Derek
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    Part numbers?

    Lads, Where does one go about getting jdm Nissan Part numbers? I can't exactly go to local main dealer and try to explain what i'm after.. Cheers, Derek
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    Alright Lads, This is one of Irelands best sites. Its kind off a allround Car website. Have a few 200sx owners tho. Derek
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    Hello from Emerald Isle

    Hello to all Silvia Owners! My name Is Derek. I'm 23 and Live in Cork Southern Ireland. Currently as i type i am driving a 2001 Peugeot 206 but it w'ont be too long until i am a fellow S15 owner.. I was debating between a S15 or S2000 but for comfort reasons and Turbo the S15 has come out on...