1. M

    Strong high quality wheel nuts

    Something iv been working on sorting out for a while now able to offer these to the forum :) made from super strong EN24T steel with 45 degree taper, coating in Black, Gold or Silver Available open or closed ended design and the best bit.... :nice: for 4 stud wheels - £36 for a set of 16...
  2. M

    Hello folks :)

    Hi I used to be a member here a couple of years ago, met a kind gent graham ( topper ) from aberdeen when i was looking at s15's...ended up getting a 350z instead. I thought i would rejoin with a new name, which also goes hand in hand with my change of business which has now been successfully (...
  3. Auss15

    Time for a change

    Been thinking about a different look.These were a good price and I have always liked the design. Will get pics up when I have them fitted. :D :D
  4. LuPix_S15

    Drift Decals - My Design :)

    Ok guys :wave: This is total marmite... I've put it up on my Facebook gallery and around 80% like it and the rest are adamant it's against their religion to 'deface' an S15 lol :wack: But what's certain is that I spent 3 hours on Fireworks tonight putting together my own design (ok the slashes...
  5. C

    Does anyone know Stealth Speed 200sx?

    I was searching the web for silvia boot builds for some inspiration of how to design mine and came across this, does anyone recognise them aas a member?
  6. G

    Project Research - S17 Silvia Concept

    Hi all, I am a final year Automotive Design student at Coventry University School of Art and Design, one of the worlds leading institutions in the Automotive Design industry. I am currently researching the first of two projects that will count towards my final degree, and am in need...
  7. S

    Special for S15OC! Can it be fortune kit for S15?

    Well, to start off, I wasn't sure whether I really wanted to post this design here.. Just worried about my intellectual property!! lol and secret of you know... haha Ah well here it is anyway. This is in concept development stage and still pulling my hair out to give better design. The main...
  8. A

    Ordered Coilovers today with camberplates ;)

    In a Norwegian 200sx forum i found a groupbuy today on coilovers. so I ordered a set of it to. The manufactor of the coilovers is RX. It's no T?v on it, but i think it would work fore me... next is to find a s15 silvia ;) 1. Providing 30 expansion/suppression steps for damp adjustment and...
  9. S

    S15 Owners club sticker

    hey, should we design one? or website plain sticker :D