1. H

    Mileage correction

    I’m going to get some sort of electrical jobbie fitted to convert to MPH and the mileage too. dies anyone know if the clocks can be “re-written” to show correct mileage in miles?
  2. G

    S15 engine dies

    Hey guys. I have a problem with my car. When at idle, if i rev the car it dies/almost dies when i release the gas. What can be the problem? Vaccum leak? I can add that the silicon couplings on the front mount intercooler and intake has hugh dry cracks. I also adjusted the throttle cable like...
  3. R

    Some night shots

    Just spent the weekend washing, claying, polishing and waxing my 15 so last night I thought I'd take it out and get some pics taken, but the problem I always seem to have with last minute shoots is that my damn battery always dies, lucky I brought a mate along and he took the remainder of the...