1. Parky

    New to S15s, question about diffs...

    Evening all, I'm picking up an S15 this weekend, and it has a locked diff. I think I'd be better off with an LSD as I have no intention of drifting it. I would ideally want to trade with someone who wants a locked diff but has an LSD. Just wondering how I can tell the make of the locked...
  2. N

    S15 diffs

    Wel lads I'm wondering if the diff casing on the spec s and spec r are the same or not? Anyone know?
  3. M

    How do you tell what kind of diff you have?

    Ive been reading contradicting articles on the type of diffs that came in the Spec s version of s15. Some say that the Spec s came with a Viscous LSD (VLSD) but others say they are open diffs. Is there any way i can tell by hopping under the car and looking? And before you ask yes i have tried...
  4. D

    do 2 way diffs make a clicking noise when turning corners....?

    do 2 way diffs make a clicking noise when turning corners....?
  5. R-Spec

    Replacement aftermarket diffs - same part numbers as S14s?

    As it says...are the aftermarket S14 and S15 diffs mix and match compatible?:thumbs: ...oh and does anyone know how the helical fails if it ever wears out? Do different oils make much difference to the operation? :)
  6. Y

    BMW Diffs

    Do BMW's have diffs like E46's from 318-330ci?? Y are they such a bitch to drift??
  7. K

    Differences between S14A/S15 FMIC

    Are there any. I need one for the ESVA test. If there are diffs then i'll have to source an S15 one instead on an S14A. Help.