1. spoonman

    FS: GReddy T28 DumpPipe (elbow, downpipe)

    GReddy down pipe, for the T28. http://www.frsport.com/GReddy-11920100-Exhaust-Turbine-Turbo-Outlet-Elbow-Pipe--SR20DET_p_771.html Pipe has been used but is in really good condition Has had the center divider cut flat to fit the S15 T28 GReddy dont make these anymore due to the SR20 T28 setup...
  2. K

    XForce elbow fail

    Hey guys, need some help. Tried to install my 3" Stainless XForce system yesterday and ran into some problems. I removed the divider from the elbow as my turbo has its own divider but then i am left with two holes so i pluged them with the divider's bolts. It seems to fit, one of the bolts is...