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    cold air box for s15

    hey fellas, has anyone got a DIY instruction template for making a cold air box (for s15) - i remember jumping on the net and finding it on this jap website..but i cant seem to find it... or if not..any helpful hints as to DIY ? cheers, Jas,
  2. D

    New User Here, Howdy

    Hey everyone. Was informed to join by Topper. Used to own a S13 and have been toying between a RX7 and a S14/S15 for the last little while. I had never actually seen a S15 up close, or get a chance to look around it, but he was kind enough last night to do so. Im converted!! I want a S15...
  3. G

    How to remove rear bumper

    Can anyone here show me how to remove S15 rear bumpers DIY? Thanks.