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    FS: Power fc djetro s15 for sale

    Selling my power fc djetro for blactop sr20det s15 with 3 bar map sensor. Neither hand commander nor air temp sensor available. Selling price 650 usd. Shipping at buyer's expenses. I could throw in datalogit for another 250usd.
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    Power FC Djetro Question's

    Is there a english install manual on the net? Cant seem to understand japanese:annoyed: I think i understand the pictures, but im not 100% sure about the installation. Someone has djetro installed who could tell me a littlebit?
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    POWER FC Djetro

    guys... anyone out there using powerFC djetro version(map sensor version)?? i have a question here. does anyone know which wire to tap for the air temp sensor? i got the powerFC manual with me..but it is in japanese. basically there is two wires that need to be tap, i know which pin i should...
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    Power FC D'Jetro and lambda???

    What we have: new exhaust w/o enter for stock lambda apexi power fc d'jetro So.... Do I need to make the enter for stock lambda? Or D'jetro doesn't need it???