1. Havoc


    Anyone got any genius or special way at removing this stuff?? Obvs been doin the usual way of heat gun and scraper.... Any help be great!
  2. K

    newbie from ireland

    Hi folks, names kieran from the west of ireland! On the lookout for me second s14 silvia. Doin a bit of a project!! Looking forward to your help and opinions!!;)
  3. D

    FS: spoilered bootlid swap

    Hi have a white spoilered bootlid and was going to despoiler it but if anybody is intrested in doin a swap i would be happy to do so.. :)
  4. S

    hi everyone im new here

    just a quick hello how you doin have been looking on here for a while but just joined nice to meet you all:wave:
  5. N

    WTB: s15 connectors wanted

    hi i was wondering if any one could give me a hand and finding headlight connectors for the s15 oem HID's i'm doin a s14.5 conversion (putting the s15 front end on the s14) thanks matt:D