1. S

    Need advice on buying a Nissan S15

    Is a 2001 Nissan S15 Spec R worth $17000 New Zealand dollars ($12000 American dollars) 135000km on the clock 6 speed manual converted With the following mods: Aftermarket front mount intercooler Aftermarket Fenix radiator with twin cooling fans HKS airfilter Aftermarket dump pipe X-force 3"...
  2. T

    Thinking of buying a rb s15.

    Hi silvia community. So' as title states I am considering buying a rb26 silvia, I've never owned a rb or a skyline before, and this is pretty pricey. I dont really know if it is worth going ahead with it, so I was wondering if you can help me decide, i've already talked with Dean, He was very...
  3. Benne

    FS: S15 Impul Hi-Power Control Unit

    I´m selling my Impul ECU. What it does: (have a look @ the prices :eek: ) my price: ~250 british pounds / 370 US Dollars or: 150 brit. pounds / 220 Dollars if you sent me your Stock S15 Spec-R ECU (i need one without NATS!) greetz, Benne