1. Joeh

    Idea: Gauging Interest: Japfest 2019 - Donington Park

    Hello all! Unfortunately we've missed out on Japfest in Silverstone this year but we've still got Japfest in Donington Park on 13th July 2019 ahead of us, we've got a very short window of time to get this planned. From my understanding we've never held a clubstand at Donington and neither have...
  2. oilman

    Win 2 tickets to Donington Park - 19th June

    Fancy winning a pair of tickets to watch Opie Oils sponsor David Sleigh racing at Donington Park on Sunday 19th June? Opie Oils sponsor David Sleigh and his team have very kindly given us two tickets to Donington Park for Sunday 19th June. These tickets will provide one lucky winner and their...
  3. Cess

    Open Event: JapFest 2 - Donington Park, 17th Aug 2014

    Has anyone been or plan to go to JapFest 2 at Donington? Looking for views on the event and what people have thought about it in the past. Thanks
  4. fez06

    Open Event: Japfest 2 Donington Park

    Is sxoc or S15oc having a stand at this? Would love to go and would be nice to show car.