1. B

    WTB: S15 doors and windshield

    Im looking for both doors -driver and passenger. Dont have to be nice, but in one piece ;) I dont need windows mechanism. Also I need windshield. Can be scratched or "not nice" but in one piece of course ;) Its all for drifting, so dont have to be "nice" :) pm or
  2. G

    WTB: S15 upper and lower door hinges

    As title need full sets for both doors cheers Gary
  3. K

    Kango's S15

    Well I finally got a whole day on the car why the wife was at Newbury race day yesterday :thumbs: I've so far managed to remove everything from the boot including the sound deadening. Moved on to the interior next. All out except carpet. Bloody hell the dash is heavy. All the rear...
  4. B

    S15 body

    Does anyone know what this bodywork is called? The bodykit, quater panel, doors etc.
  5. G

    WTB: set of doors, winscreen, suspention parts ect..

    hi right i will be looking for: a pair of doors, a full set off glass exept rear 1/4s, a rear subframe with arms, front crossmember, coilovers (possibly), front and rear hubs with discs and calipers front subframe with arms also will s14 parts fit to replace any of the above things...
  6. S

    Lambo or Suicide doors?

    anyone here have lambos or suicide doors on there ride? if so what, and where did u get them? do they work correctly? any help would be nice, im tryin to go with the lambo's on mine, just havin trouble findin some.
  7. P

    good bye and cheers

    :(well the day of reckoning is apon me, I will be biddding "Blue" a sad fairwell as I hand the keys over to her new keeper Poggy this friday. I loved this car more than most i've owned but saddly its on to pastures new as i need 4 doors and a boot like this... I just like to thank each and...