1. tooley

    Dori Dori teaser- team blue

    Go team blue! YouTube - Richy twinning with Tooley YouTube - Richy and Tooley twinning
  2. mint

    Headlight covers thing

    pretty lame however wud save yours getting damaged during dori action
  3. mint

    2x s15's almost wiped out!

    Mad tyte JDM Dori Skills that kills y0! :smitten:
  4. S

    FS: 15" SSR dori dori

    keiichi tsuchiya(drift king) designed rare set of SSR "dori dori" wheels. these are old school jdm wheels produced in limited numbers. specs are 15x7 +32mm offset 4x114. 2 piece wheels. there are no scratches or have been curbed on any 4 wheel. wheel center are in red and may need some extra...
  5. A

    Dori Dori in Moscow =)