1. vinnie

    Need for speed shift 2 pre order GAME download

    Hey guess what, If you pre order shift 2 you get a S15 Spec R as a download. It's all oem which is cool. Can't wait to get it now lol. Just check the pics out from the link.
  2. S


    Went into the S15 Owners web site and wanted to download FAST...firstly, what is it and why is it that the site would not recognise my name and password??:mad:
  3. hendo

    Photo Downloader Link

    Thought I would post this link up to help people post photos, I had that trouble and Brisbane member Udi sorted me out. It's a free download so even better. Hope this helps. :thumbs:
  4. subzero

    s15 elect service manual- free download here. download from mirror as the 1st link is gone i think... if your stuck for a password use : . should work. for loads of other service guides :
  5. moomin

    A bit of ear kandy for you all!!!!

    Hey everyone!!! My new mix is available for download......10 of the best elektro tunes of the year so far. click here to go the the download!!! its free!!!;9613869;/fileinfo.html For more information, up-coming events, free essential...
  6. M

    Where can I download the Nissan S15 FAST Parts Catalogue?

    hi Anybody know how can I download the Nissan S15 FAST Parts Catalogue? :cry: