1. willy s15

    FS: volvo r s60 s70 brembo front rotors drilled like new

    hey all i have a set front rotors drilled from volvo R is like new i change it with bigger rotors has on it 5.000klms is 330x30 \ pics on request price for it is 80euro plus fee and ship it anywhere cheers
  2. B

    FS: Origin Lab front wings +40mm

    Sold..,...,............ Bought 2 pairs of these and decided on the other size so these are now surplus to my requirements Brand new, very good fit (obviously require prepping and painting and bit of fettling to fit nicely) also they don't come drilled £250 plus postage (£25) Northwest...
  3. Jordan

    FS: Clear out of s15

    UPDATE: All this stuff is free to whoever wants it. Cannot be bothered to ship items out so collection only. If it hasn't gone by the end of the week it's all going in the bin. s15 cat undertray archliners, couple holes due to scrubbage airbox drilled with hks panel filter £40 delivered cold...
  4. Rider4Life

    FS: Rotors (drilled / slotted) + pads front / rear * NEW *

    * Sell * NEW! Nissan Silvia S15 (S14) Rotors (drilled / slotted) front / rear Brake pads front / rear Supplier Mintex http://www.mintex.com Price with shipping: 350 €
  5. Joeh

    FS: Genuine Bride Seat Rails - 2x Drivers sides (No passengers sorry) - Side & Base mount

    Genuine Bride Seat Rails - 2x Drivers sides (No passengers sorry) - Side & Base mount Hi all Got 2x Genuine Bride Drivers Seat Rails. One is side mount and the other is base mount. Their models are Base Mount #: N045SL Side Mount #: N045VL The side mount one has a few extra holes drilled to...
  6. Mange

    WTB: S15 Boot lid

    Hey guys, im looking for a boot lid for my S15, peferred in white and with the Aero wing holes drilled, but interested in most options. Cheers / Mag
  7. H

    Brakes and headroom

    Not sure which bit of forum to stick this post so feel free to move it. Basically I've got two questions: 1) I need better brakes, I think I have the stock ones but I need something which will be more akin to my Integra ie. funking brutal and won't overheat after 15 minutes on track. I don't...
  8. Y

    JDM spec R

    Just picked her up from torque today....http://www.torque-gt.co.uk/cardetails.php?c=73 and must say I luv the car!! Unfortunately it has a few issues...the steering is not in line and vibrating quite a bit....and the steering wheel judders violently under mid-heavy braking. Any idea what it...
  9. G

    Anybody Used Crossed Drilled Rotors?

    Hi All, I have 2 questions. 1) Does S14 & S15 carry same front brake rotor dimensions? 280mm diameter, 30mm thickness? 2) Has anybody tried out crossed drilled & slotted rotors? Are they more durable?