1. F

    Hey I'm new from New Zealand

    Hey everyone I have just bought my first s15. I have just had it for a week now. I love it already. It's a 200sx factory manual and turbo with hardly any kilometre for a s15. It drives so nice :) Anyway hey! Haha Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. C

    newb s14 owner from the u.s.

    hey all im Tony from the U.S. i currently drive a s14 kouki and a z33 350z the plans for my cars are rb25 neo swap to the s14 and not sure on the z (since the wife drives it as well) but i love my two money pits...and the wife
  3. Fruitbooter

    Is this not the best sound you've ever heard....

    This for me is one of the best car sounds you can get :nod: Yes yes I know there are far more exotic cars out there which sound nice and I am partial to a nice V8, V10 and beast of a V12 but when you hear a tuned skyline come on boost it just makes you feel like a little kid :D I love it when...
  4. R

    Hi !

    Hello!! :wave: Im currently in no ownership of a S-body but previously owned a S13. And now im totally smitten with S15's :) Just joined up to get as much info as i can. The biggest question i have is what they are like as a drive or even to be in! as ive never been inside one. also what...
  5. N

    FS: S15 sr20det,engine,box,loometc..

    Hey guys sellin my 60k engine, 6sp box,loom,turbo etc everything anyone needs for a conversion or overhaul, starts, drives perfect,can be seen running and driving, sellin cus i am lookin for a gtst r33 skyline engine box loom to replace it, im from northern ireland so buyer can collect or pay...
  6. P


    Hello chaps & chapess's I'm sure some of you know me from SXOC, but thought it'd be prudent to register on here for some more specific advice about the Spec S the GF now drives :D I do however know how to use the search button so may be limited to friendly banter & general pisstaking :yawn...
  7. H

    Hello - Singapore

    Hi to all, I am from Singapore, Name's Patrick and I hope to share information about tuning and building of S15 for drift or circuit racing. I drives a Subaru Legacy GTB to Work and drives the S15 for drift. I own a car performance tuning company, Imperial Concepts which distributes Blitz...