1. S

    WTB: Stock rear bumper.

    After a standard 15 rear bumper. mind got a bit minced when some kind sole drove into me. :)
  2. R

    FS: S15 6 Speed Gearbox

    80k miles approx Can include; - Shifter - Dual Mass flywheel - Front Prop With all the above £650 collected (can deliver if not too far for a small fee) Just the gearbox £500 No weird noises or crunches.. drove fine, rare opportunity to grab one of these.. dont come up often ;)
  3. M

    Greetings from Essex

    Hi all. Recently set my sights on an S15 Spec R. Currently driving an Impreza STi V2 wagon pictured below. I'll probably keep that for the winter and look to upgrade in a few months time. Just wondering what the differences are, if anyone's gone from 4WD to RWD? Having never drove RWD before...
  4. vinnie

    Test drove the new Honda Civic Type R

    Hey I had some time off work this morning so I thought to myself, I feel like driving something new. I drove down to my nearest car garage, which is the Honda dealership. Got talking to the salemen and he said it was fine to test drive the new Civic. The car does look cool, it's well funky...
  5. D

    winter clutch problems

    Hello Again - I am very suprised how good s15 was - until today. I started engine, heat it up to normal 90 degrees, drove about 5 miles (clutch still working) but then it started to fade away, untill its totally gone. So I drove back to my flat on 4th gear and parked it. Now, when I press the...
  6. D

    My S15 Build

    Hey fellas, This is my Nissan Silvia S15. After going through many many trail and error, and spending/selling more then i needed to on my previous ride, i decided that this 15 should only get only the best of the best parts, etc. Do it once, do it right! All parts on this car is genuine, from...
  7. N

    CLUTCH PROBLEM!! Help me please.!

    Hey guys.. this has happed to me 2 time before about a week ago.. i go in my car warmed it up went to put in Revers and it didn't go in.. none of them did , i pumped the clutch... for ages and still nothing.. it was like somthing ws stoping it from going in. i finally go the gears in and drove...
  8. Topper

    Baxters - Soup etc Manufacture

    While out a run in the car at the weekend, i went to Baxters factory for lunch. Drove into the car park, and just had to park next to these guys -