1. J0R04N

    FS: De Locked Boot with Genuine Nismo Duck Tail Spoiler

    I have a genuine Nismo Duck Tail Spoiler fitted to my bootlid. I do like the ducktail but I want to put the car back to full aero so I'm after a bootlid with an aero spoiler. The paint isn't the best on this so will probably want a respray. So I would be up for swaps or for forum purposes...
  2. H

    NISMO ducktail wing - direct fit????

    HI Guys, I am in the midst of buying a aero/nismo duck tail wing and just wondering if anyone knows if this one direct fit to jdm s15 with the normal wing with the triangle light... here is a picture of the duck tail wing - does anyone know if this will line up or will it require me welding the...
  3. I

    Need a JDM Spec R chassie number

    Duno if its rude to ask but i need a Real JDM Chassie Number to conferm a part number so i can order it in i own a ADM s15 and i need the boot lid that has the reinforcment in it so it will hold the GT wing. I own a Spec R ADM S15 model but it dose not have the GT wing just has the small duck...