1. N80Jamie

    FAO Limitless Imports - Inbox Full

    As per title dude! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. K

    Can't afford a Porshe?

    ....No worries! Just stick a Porsche badge on your 106 and no one will be any the wiser! Was cracking up when I saw this in Nottingham today! The dude saw us in an S15 laughing and taking a photo, must have been gutted...so he did a burnout! lol crazy little bugger!
  3. mint

    FAO Dude at JAE! / Fixing Headlights...

    Sorry forgot your name homes >.<' It was someone i was talking to about bringing the headlight's back up like BRAND new.. cant remember the name of the compound you told me about.. any help? lol Thanks -Minto
  4. mint

    Slammedmind - inbox dude

    Hey man your box is full so i cant send my love :wave:
  5. mint

    why i want an S15...

    edited this just a sec ago.. full creds to the owner and the dude who took the pic. hmmm... noice!!! what front bumper is that?