1. Marcus

    Little problem with Dumpvalve!?

    I just installed my new DV (Synapse Sb001) and today I started my car... It is running great until I touch the gas-pedal.. If I even give it just a litte-little-little bit revs, its starting to idle very very bad.. Idle goes up and down, up and down... 1000rpm -> almost stall -> 1000rpm...
  2. sliding-r

    dumpvalve boost pipe size?

    what is the size of the dumpvalve boost pipe ,34mm?
  3. AllanOrr

    OEM DumpValve Mod

    Tryed a wee search there before putting this up but didnt have much luck :wack: have any of you guys tryed doing the mod to the standard dumpvalve?, a bit pratted for cash at this point in time so the SSQV3 is a few months away yet.