1. Feast Japan

    SR20 E-Manage Experimenting

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this air/fuel sub-computer? New unit came in the other day and will set it up next week to match the mods on the car now. Up until now a Mine's VX-ROM with fuel enrichment (AFC) was used. And its not exactly super accurate..lol.
  2. EvilChap

    FS: GReddy E-Manage Blue SR20DET (S15)

    I have an e-manage blue with the harness and mapping cable for sale. No idea on value, going to ask £180 ONO. If that's too much, make me an offer, I want it to be sold, I dont have a use for it :) Ben
  3. koullis

    e-manage ultimate question

    hi guys, does anybody knows if you can remove completely the maf sensor if you install the e-manage pressure sensor?
  4. Topper

    E-manage with harnesses etc

    E-manage with option bits Plug & Play Harness for S13, S14 & S15
  5. P

    Apexi PFC vs Greddy E-Manage

    Hi fellas, I am thinking about replacing or giving a piggyback to my ECU. I am considering two of above options but I cant decide. I am sort of going for E-Manage because I like the idea of using the standard ECU and also its more affordable and it can support up to quite a high horse power. Is...
  6. S


    hi... i got a e-manage piggyback(the blue casing, not the latest e-manage ultimate) install in my s15 JDM version. as we know JDM s15 got a speedcut which is at say 180km/h. my question is does the e-manage piggyback has speedcut? so that i can go above 180km/h hopefully some e-manage users...