1. H

    FS: DMax Spoiler

    DMax/duck tail bought this earlier this year, only offered up nt fitted although there is adhesive tape on underside. now not needed £75
  2. S

    White S15 - Birmingham

    Spotted a white S15 with white wheels in Birmingham earlier. Looked good!
  3. Mange

    FS: Tomei ECU for Stage 1 mods

    Hey guys, I picked this one up earlier this winter from a guy here in Sweden that had it in his S15. Worked really well he said. My planes changed abit after I got it and now when I've gone with Apexi Power FC, I have no use for it. I saw one that was for sale here earlier...
  4. C

    FS: Nismo smoked side repeaters

    Pair of brand new Nismo smoked side repeaters to fit S15's. Pics will follow shortly. I got them from Nengun earlier this year, but have since changewd my mind about fitting them £35 delivered
  5. D

    What rims and bodykit???

    Hallo! I have 2 questions. 1. What rims are this? 2. What bodykit is this? Front Side Rear And yes I know that this looks like those pictures that I have posted earlier. But it´s just in case. Many Thanks!
  6. Yakozan

    LED Tail-lighs. (Nicely edition)

    Found a link on ns.com for the taillights Nicely wanted earlier. http://www.nagisa-auto.com/products/led.html And look. There's a button which says "online-shopping" :D
  7. Nicely

    One for the Sydney guys...

    Is this someone you know? :) Spotted this one in Waitara earlier this year...