1. JDM_virgin

    FS: Apex stainless steel intake

    bling up your engine bay with some stainless goodness. Brand new comes with the silicon connections and I will throw in four jubilee clips with the sale. Had this for ages just never got around to fit it and now I've deleted my dump valve its easier for me to block the rubber pipe than a...
  2. jinli

    Yashio Taillight fogs mod?

    Hey all, I've fitted the yashio lights on my s15 a while back, but without considering it doesn't have fogs! I cut the wire from my standard one, so is there a way to solder it to one of the yashio's LEDs? Was thinking of using the unused brake light on the wing as a possible easier alternative...
  3. - 0h -

    C's Short Shifter

    is anyone in here using one of the C's Shifter? how does it feel when changing gears and is it easier than the stock shifter to put in reverse gear>? cheers
  4. LuPix_S15

    Starter Motor

    Think my starter motor is going to die soon... :( Can anyone confirm whether the S15 starter motor is identical to the S14 item? This should make sourcing one a lot easier!! If anyone can recommend places to buy one from then that would be tops :) Cheers :thumbs:
  5. J

    WTB: S15 rocker/engine cover

    Looking for one of this to work on... I heard they are different to S14, otherwise it would have been much easier.
  6. Nicely

    FMIC cleaning (external)

    My FMIC is looking a bit of a state on the outside and I'm looking to clean down. Anyone got any wonder products I can use to make the process easier?