1. fadli256

    HKS FCON IS vs APEXi Power FC vs Greddy Emanage Ultimate

    Hi guys, I just want to get your perspective on these three ECUs'. Pros and cons, such and such.
  2. W

    Low dyno reading???

    Hey guys, newbie here from New Zealand. Just had my car dynoed today. Its a S15 spec R and have some questions about it to see if anyone else has experienced them on there stock ecu's. My mods are turbo back exhust, apexi pod, 60mm throttle body and a electronic boost controller. Dynoed the car...
  3. K

    Tomei ECUs

    Anyone know much about these? Where can you get these mapped?
  4. A

    Nissan Consult Interface

    Just found out about this!! I think its pretty cool... but then again... alot of people have thier own aftemarket ECU's now anyway :)