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    FS: Apexi ecv

    3" manual ecv brand new in box £110 delivered ono
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    FS: C's shifter. nismo nob. Apexi ecv.

    C's 6sp short shift extremely rare. For 6sp spec r £200 ono Nismo black alloy nob as new condition £30 Apexi ecv 3" brand new £100
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    apexi ecv

    has anyone had any experience with the apexi ecv do they work well with a straight through 3inch exhaust system
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    what decat ,turbo elbow and downpipe shud i go for

    i cant decide what brand to go for is the autobah88 stuf any good it seems very reasonable? im also going to buy an apexi ecv (exhaust.controll.valve) and want to know is it the 76mm i need to order any help would be greatly appreciated
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    My Second S15 Spec R / Russia Novosibirsk

    2002 year 32.000km 4.5A Tein Super Street HKS Intercooler kit HKS Hi-power HKS Power Intake HKS EVC 4 Apexi ECV BUSHING Kit