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    Turbo Help Needed

    Hi, I am currently planning to upgrade my turbo since i think my car did not come with the BB turbo...yet to check. Anyway I got hold of a Garrett A/R.61 front and A/R.47 back. I will be using Emanage but I am also wondering if I am required to change the manifold, fuel pump or injectors? Or...
  2. P

    Emanage Blue

    I've got the emanage blue and just want to know if there's a plug and play harness for the s15 and where to get it from? The only harness that i've got at the min is plugged into connector 1. Also how do you reset the unit so it can be plugged in and mapped at a later date?
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    Opinions Please

    When i get my silvia (soon hopefully) im wanting to do the pigeon mod and fit a fmic. I know that doing this mod causes the car to overfuel but just want to know which of these would be best to sort the fueling Greddy emanage blue or this...
  4. Nicely

    Overfuelling at Idle

    I've got major overfuelling at idle (can smell it). Got a Z32 AFM fitted and managed via an Emanage. There's no adjustment on the map between 0 and 2500 rpm (besides the Emanage auto-config for the Z32). Its quite bad and causes an rpm drop to around 500 rpm and will frequently stall when...