1. TrevorSpencer

    Nissan emblem

    Does anyone know if the Nissan emblem on the trunk lid has the aligning pins in it? I'd like to remove it for a cleaner look but don't want to do it if there's those pin holes there.
  2. S

    Painted dash?

    Hi all. Quick question, has anyone painted their lower dash / centre console? If so how, and what paint did you use? Anyone know how the silvia emblem Is held on? Not had a decent look to be honest. I'm fed up with getting in the car and seeing the scratches and marks down by the ashtray and...
  3. S

    Type A

    Yes.... I know it is a model after Ferrari 456 and wannabe ferrari. But I find it looks very nice. It looks very classy even though everyone would say its a small ferrari. As long as its not red and cream leather? :cool: Especially having the front bumper on my car with cooler behind and...
  4. S

    lightning emblem

    Has anyone got a good quality of lightning emblem picture with carbon looking background? I need to get one to print one out so if someone has or can find, can you please post it up? I was looking for it on google but i couldn't get something like official picture.