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    Hi lads an ideas on getting the emissions down to pass the test. A put my car through the day and it's very high any ideas would be great thanks
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    Fix High Emissions

    I failed at emissions today. The figures were throught the roof. I then removed the cables from the battery and pushed the lambda plug into its socket. It seemed a bit out. I also replaced the plugs with Brpc6es. (not 100% sure hey vwere called exaclty that) I then checked the readings again...
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    MOT Failure on Emissions

    Just got back from the mot station with a big red fail across the certificate. Can anyone pls give me some ideas on what might be causing this, anything thats known with S15's or Silvias in general. My CO values came out at 8.5% rather than <0.3% and HC were around 270 ppm. Lamda values also...
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    Irish NCT emissions

    hows things lads, just being to the nct centre yesterday and the car was off on emissions, whats the best way to get them down, I just fitted the standard catalyst converted back thought that would do but yerman recons the emission were way off, do I have to fit the whole old exhaust again...
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    CO2 emissions on s15 spec r?

    Hi Does anybody know what it is on a 2000 Spec R, my V5 doesn't state it? Cheers Loo
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    where to get a oxygen lambda senser?

    i need to buy a new lambda oxygen senser because i failed the nct on emissions:( ..anyone have any links that could help me?
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    co2 emissions of an s15 spec r???

    hey guys just wonderin does any1 know the co2 emissions of a spec r?? thanks
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    Co2 Emissions

    does anyone know what Co2 emissions the spec S and spec R put out? the new road tax system in ireland from july 08 on is based on original manufacturers emissions. but thats if u bring an import on or after that date
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    I've just got my car taxed and was chocked when the guy asked for ?300 for the year. He said it was due to emissions. Can someone confirm if this is the right for UK. Thanks, Keith