1. xlr8

    S15 emmisions

    wondering has anyone got any ideas on how to help me with getting it through an nct.failing on emmisions and the lambda reading.ive changed the catylst twice and used two working lambda sensors also.again today failed on both.im running a hks f con gold ecu piggybacked(fuel and ignition timing...
  2. DeanS15

    passed first mot

    despite my worries on emmisions, the car passed its first uk mot with flying colours - no advisories:cool: he also commented that the emmisions were low as hell, which is probably testament to jezs mapping! de-cats now back on, heres to another year:D
  3. T


    If you run a de-cat pipe on your S-15 will it fail the mot? i ask this because irrespective of a 300ZX age, when i took that to a garage they had to test it as a non cat equiped car because they have not details on the emmisions for that type. just wondering if it was the same for one of these?