1. Miss S15

    Cant get into my profile

    Hey I tried to get into my profile clicked on it and this is what i get Database error The S15 Owners Club database has encountered a problem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please try the following: Load the page again by clicking the...
  2. A

    Consult software and USB lead

    I am looking into getting the consult software and USB /Serial cable for the S15.. (Getting rather excited as before now all i had to look at was flashing red and green LED's on the S13!! :nod:) So I have read a number of threads
  3. J

    Nismo Smoked Side Repeaters

    Hi, I dont make a habit of univited trading on forums and also i dont carry S15 stock as a rule so i suspect this will be a one off visit unless i buy a S15 when i sell my R33 Gtst which is seriously tempting. I was sent these from Japan in error (i wanted R33 GTR ones!) so they are listed at...