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    FS: Rota D2EX - Work SSR style wheels 18x9.5 ET12 and 18x10 ET12 5x114.3

    I bought these to go on to my S15 but it's too tidy at the moment to go flaring arches, running wide wings or lots of camber to make them fit. They had tyres put on them, got test fitted to the car, tyres were removed, wheels have never been driven on. What are they: Rota D2EX's - Work SSR...
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    FS: ROTA GTR-D 18x10J ET12 5x114.3

    now sold thanks
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    ROTA Grid Drifts 17x9.5 et12 5x114 Matt Bronze

    Currently selling these, I know the sizes and offsets could be of interest to someone :) wheels are brand new and boxed, with only one box opened for photo purposes 17x9.5 et12 5x114 matt bronze spigot rings for mazda fitment ( intended customer who ended up having money issues ) included...
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    9.5J ET12 on s15?

    Hello fellas, Just a quick question for you wheel gurus, i know that the s15 arches are smaller than s14 ones but would a set of Rota GTR's in 9.5 ET12 fit under standard arches on an s15? Or will they require a big stretch and a roll or flare? Thanks for the help. Cillian