1. R

    Hello newbe project 15 :)

    Hi and hello there names Ricky and I'm 24 imported my s15 not so long ago and happy to have found a forum/owners club as not many people with say car about local to me. Always wanted an s15 when I was younger and now at 24 have one of my dream cars, very big car enthusiast from a young age...
  2. S15Cro

    Open Event: Gatebil 11th-13th July 2014

    Don't have the time or money at the moment but just wondering if anybody on here is going? :) Its one of those events you have to go to at some stage if your into drifting/partying :D Site: Here
  3. S15_SAM

    JAPFEST 2013 see events page, japfest 2013 post 22

    Just a note if your going to japfest please check events area and the thread mike started! :) see post 22 for PayPal details etc. bit of a tight deadline and need payment for tickets by 24th of march cheers Sam
  4. Darren_S15

    Open Event: 2011 Events / Shows

    Ok so after managing to get the club to JAE this year I thought it would be nice to try and make some more events next year. Hopefully we can make this post a sticky? ;) Id like to get an idea of what events people would like to go to and then maybe we can pick 3 or 4 and try and make it as a...
  5. DeanS15

    Open Event: anyone going to japshow finale at the pod?

    just out of curiosity, i always seem to be the only s15 when i go to events and would like to know if i'll see any others there:D
  6. mint

    Open Event: s15oc @ Events 2009

    Hey Guys, Is this club going to be organising any events this coming year through the UK at all? I'll be at a lot this year with my club and just wondered. Also, With Nicely being at the other side of the world now is there someone in the UK thats sorta stepped up?
  7. moomin

    A bit of ear kandy for you all!!!!

    Hey everyone!!! My new mix is available for download......10 of the best elektro tunes of the year so far. click here to go the the download!!! its free!!!;9613869;/fileinfo.html For more information, up-coming events, free essential...
  8. Q

    NZ travel please help out!

    hey S15 OC!!:thumbs: im planning for a holiday to New Zeland from 25th Dec to 12 Jan 2008 (without my 15 of course) so all you NZ' peoplez where do you recommend to stay at a decent price, and also are there any car events on to cheack out while im there?? when and where are 4, 6 & Rotory...
  9. kimi

    2007 events

    hi guys :wave: just wondering if we as a club are going to do any jap shows or drifting events this year ? as we had a nice new club banner last year and only used it once at D1 :rotfl: seems a shame not to show it off :wack: kimi xx
  10. D

    StreetRacingMania / KingofEurope 2007

    StreetRacingMania / KingofEurope 2007 Hello, Our new website is online with all informations about our 2007 events and much much more! Mike