1. Feast Japan

    FS: FS: 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec "RB" - BBS, Nismo, Tomei, Greddy, HKS

    Alright guys, need to sell this now with new project coming in. It was a fun build, I learned a lot and have enjoyed driving the car since completion. I put a lot of great spec into it, many new parts & didnt cheap out what so ever. Many detailed info written up on this one, please PM if...
  2. N

    FS: exchange pillar s15 with oil pressure against a pillar without gauge! (bargain!!!)

    hi guys,i've this one in great condition and working gauge and i would like to exchange it against a pillar without the gauge (on a spec S i think) no money on the exchange,so i think it will be a bargain for someone!:thumbs: thanks to let me know if interested!
  3. T

    DMax carbon door cards

    I just randomly stumbled across these... $750 Australian Dollars... according to googles exchange rate they're £356.44 for the pair... yeah boy! :D
  4. P

    GBP -> JPY Exchange Rate!

    I have just been pricing up a few bits for the S15 and noticed how poor the exchange rate is at the moment! Taken from 1.00 GBP = 159.131 JPY Just to put it in perspective... A 1,700,000 JPY S15 in Japan will now cost you just over £2,000 more compared to the rate at the...
  5. S

    New Yashio Headlights

    Yashio factory have 'released' new S15 headlights. From translation I believe you have to send your lights and the total cost is about £420 at todays exchange rate.
  6. H

    FS: Items for sale in Norway

    New Greddy Supersuctionkit (S14/15) with Z32LMM 4000 NOK New HKS injectors 555 SR20DET 3500 NOK New PowerFC S15 SR20DET 7000 NOK New Exedy Carbon clutch light flywheel S15 6000 NOK P&P are extra, please work out the exchange rate at Please call on +4795105747 or email...
  7. Nicely

    Currency Exchange

    Is it worth adding this to the site? or this one Just noticed some parts are already for sale in the for sale section and as this is a ?world? club just thought it might help things out a little. Originally posted by Mr Smith & Topper