1. Rich

    What BHP Should I Expect?

    Hi, brief spec of the car as follows:- - Tomei manifold and elbow - FMIC - Walbro 255 - Superspark coil packs - Gizzmo boost controller running 1-1.2 BAR - Nistune mapped by Greg @ Protuner - Full 3" exhaust system with decat - Blitz induction kit Stock MAF, fuel pressure regulator and...
  2. Jordan

    How much is an s15 powerFC worth?

    Contemplating selling mine, it's hasn't been installed on my car yet or been mapped, has the new hand controller too. What cash would I expect to see for it on here?
  3. J0R04N

    FS: Stock S15 6 Speed Clutch Flywheel and bolts

    Taking the car to garage D to have my new Exedy clutch and flywheel fitted in two weeks along with a gearbox upgrade ready for some more power :) so my stock clutch and flywheel is up for sale. Car has done 36,000 miles so still plenty of life left. No pictures yet for obvious reasons :wack: no...
  4. S

    turbo manifold

    Wanting to upgrade the manifold no idea what to get.:confused: How much gains could you expect from replacing the stock sr20 one?
  5. Y

    Upper sump removal?.

    I have just removed the gearbox from my s15 and have noticed there is a hairline crack in the upper sump and oil is seeping through it..i am going to replace this part but is it possible to slide it out once unbolted or will i have to drop the front crossmember(think that is the name of the part...
  6. crazymat666

    going to decat the s15

    so as the tittle says im going to decat my s15.ino the MOT may be a pain but il get it changed over before hand so it doesnt bother me :). but mainly all i want to know is performance wise will it better and what can i expect as this is the first car ive ever had a decat on.
  7. A


    Hello Guys/ Girls, Just looking for a bit of info on these cars so thought this would be the best place to ask..... Basically, im looking at buying one for a track car only.... so, Are they good as a track car? i.e. handle well, not going to overheat during a 30min sessions etc? are they...
  8. L

    best small battery

    Heya, Need to get a new battery. I've cut a hole in my battery tray so need one of those smaller ones (forgot the technical name) What are the better brands around? What should i expect to pay?
  9. LuPix_S15

    Racing Mirrors

    Hola :) Does anyone know of a brand or where to get racing style mirrors for the S15 that doesn't cost the best part of £330 before shipping like the ones by Craft Square??!! :wack: http://www.nengun.com/craft-square/touring-competition-mirror I know the CS ones look high quality and loads...
  10. I

    mpg figures from SPEC S and SPEC R

    Random gay question but, my mr2 is a killer averaging about 17-18mpg. Just wondering what you guys get from a standard non tuned engine. My next question is if I imported a Spec R how much should I expect to pay for a 99, 60ish K on clock car.
  11. G

    Bodyshop Costs

    hey, i finally got an aero spoiler sent from hong kong on monday and arrived to my house today. its already white but needs a respray so im wondering how much would i expect to pay in a bodyshop to get it sprayed and fitted? my mate that used to help with with all the bodywork on my cars is in...
  12. M

    Car Might Have To Go

    Oh dear its not turning into a good week. The house Im in the process of buying has been undervalued due to the surveyor being given bum info from the vendors estate agent. :rant: Now I know the place is worth what Ive offered for it, so to keep the wife from being heart broken Im probably...