1. G

    driving with a 2 way diff

    hey guys came to get some more knowledge I just test drove a car. worst conditions, it was raining and was very distracting. I noticed that the drive in low gears (mostly 1st and 2nd) wasnt smooth. (in reverse too i think) and the owner said it was due to the 2 way diff installed. He said he...
  2. justin666

    Idle Adjustment?

    As per title... How ? :) Just need a small tweak and to raise the idle ever so slightly since having the orc lightened flywheel fitted. Doesn't stall but does def drop lower that before so just wanna knock the idle up by 150 - 200rpm. Expected this as think its just a standard side effect of...
  3. mint

    Yashio's **NEW** s15 kit

    Just been shown this by Lucky. Typical Great fitment as should be expected with Yashio, Bolted on arch's does the trick, However im just not feeling it tbh... Thoughts?