1. Silverstreak

    Tachometer not working properly??

    Help needed for this one, strange problem, when my car is idling, the tachometer bounces slowly between 500rpm and 900rpm.. On full chat the needle rises slowly to just above 2000rpm. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or fixed it?? As you can imagine this is quite irritating and driving by...
  2. W

    Looking for experienced S15 Drivers

    Hello my name is Douglas but i go by doug. Im 14 and im planning on buying a S15 as my first car, but i would like to hear some feedback from experienced and happy drivers of one. So i would appreciate feedback (good or bad) and if anyone lives in Southern California then could you tell me where...
  3. P

    Problem selecting third

    Tonight while going to a local meet I had a bit of a problem selecting third. Both upselecting while giving some welly and downselecting approaching roundabouts. Seems to only occur when driving at high speeds, as in approaching a roundabout off a motorway etc. The gear selects fine when...